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Charger Plates Wholesale from India to all over the world in bulk supplies

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wholesale metal Chargers for Plates in bulk volume at factory direct prices

We are manufacturer, exporter and wholesale supplier of metal crafted Chargers for Plates in bulk:-
Gold Charger plates - Gold Antique, Gold color coated, Brass plated Charger, Brass Antique, Gold Faux Leather Charger Plates
Silver Charger Plates - Nickel plated Chargers, Silver plated, Silver color powder coated charger plate
Stainless Steel Chargers - Bright Polish finish, Matt finish, Full Hammered,  Rim Hammered, Beaded Rim Bright Polish Charger Plate,
Copper Charger Plates - Solid Copper, Copper plated, Copper Antique, Rim Hammered Copper Charger , Full Hammered Copper Finish
Leather Charger Plate - Gold, Black, White, Brown available in plain and also Crocodile (alligator) finish
and other popular color coated finishes are Red, Blue, Green, Purple , Black Chargers Plates,

Available in standard sizes of 20 cm, 30 cm and 33 cm, 35 cm and 36 cm. Beside these, we also manufacture Custom Design Charger Plates as per Customer's requirement.

Here are most popular designs for your reference, for more please fill Inquiry Form

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gold charger plates made of metal   silver charger plates made of metal

Gold Charger Plates
Beautiful gold charger plates are an elegant addition to any place setting
Give your party a sophisticated modern look with our charger plates.

Silver Charger Plates
Complete your dinner table with these silver chargers. Place them beneath dinner plates, or use them as candle plates. Available in 30, 33 cms

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faux leather chargers made of metal with faux leather pasted on top   stainless steel chargers plates, table chargers

Leather Charger Plates
Simply slip this faux leather charger plate under a dinner plate to spruce up any meal. Faux leather also referred as vegan leather.

Stainless Steel Chargers
Add a touch of class to your dinnerware with these stunning stainless steel chargers. The chargers can also be used as serving plates and platters

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What are dinner Charger Plates for?

Charger plate is a table accent in formal dinner place setting. They are placed under the dinner plates. They are use to add elegance to the place setting. Sized slightly larger than dinner plate, the finish or color of the charger plate frames the dinner plate and enhances the dinner table. While charger plates have been around since the 1800, they returned to popularity in the late `90s. Since food is not actually served on chargers, they are often called underplates or service plates.

Charger plate etiquette and use varies from caterer to restaurant. Some professional caterer companies remove the decorative charger plate as soon as the guests are seated. Often a decorative charger plate is left on the table as a huge coaster for the soup and salad courses and then removed for the main entree. Some others leave the under plate charger or chop plates through to the end of the entire meal.

Whether you're hosting a small holiday party or a large wedding reception, decorative metal charger plate will dress up any table.

Available in standard sizes of 20 cm , 30 cm , 33 cm , 35 cm and 36 cm . Other sizes can also be available on request in bulk quantity.


Here are few designs for your reference on our websites, for more please fill ENQUIRY FORM


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