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how handmade area rugs manufactured


Different stages of an area rug production.

Designing » Tracing >> Tufting » Latexing  » Finishing » Third Backing » Binding » Passing » Packing » Dispatch.

Designing :
Designing is the very first stage of a carpet manufacturing, Our expert designers designs the carpet by their own and fills the color that is best in the combinations you like.



A trace is a prepared by the tracer/ designer of a specific design that is final for the carpet. Our tracer use mm Graph paper to make final trace. Projectors are some time helpful in making traces.

preparing trace for area rug manufacturing    filling colors on trace of rug 

Tufting: This stage is third of whole process, in this stage a weaver uses the gun tuft machine or hand tuft machine for tufting the carpet. In tufting - the wool threads are weaved into the cotton sheet.


On the back side of carpet the latex layer is applied for binding of wool threads and the cotton sheet. we use high quality latex that is long lasting and specially made for carpets.


In finishing stage the carpet passes through many sub stages like embossing, cutting, piling etc.  If carpet has some emboss feature or pile feature then cutting or embossing is done here.





The back of carpet is finished here. After removal of extra latex a cloth is pasted on the back of carpet with the help of some adhesive material.





The border of any carpet must be bind very properly and correctly. More finish the border gives more correct shape to the carpet.


When all completed then our quality controller managers checks the quality of carpet for proper design and proper quality.






The packing is done with high quality packaging materials available! so that, the carpet reach to you without any defect.





At last the dispatch is done very carefully so that the right carpet reach to the right person.



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